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Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Lemon Tart – Sugared slices of zesty lemon... ..


Infzn Tobacco Custard

Infzn Tobacco Custard (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Tobacco Custard – Rich Custard inhale with a subtle tobacco finish. INFZN... ..


Infzn Mango

Infzn Mango (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Mango – A perfect Mango for an all day vape! INFZN... ..


Hard strawberry

Strawberry Hard Candy – Your All-Time Favorite 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight Crafted by Brewell MFG All... ..


Infzn Cool Melon

Infzn Cool Melon (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Cool Melon – Sweet Enough To Satisfy, Chilly Enough To... ..


PHIX Starter Kit

PHIX by MLV Flavors crafted by Brewell MFG (Starter Kit will include 1 single pod... ..



Spearmint Gum – All Day Spearmint Perfection 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight Crafted... ..


Mixed Pack

Mixed 4 Pack Includes: Hard Strawberry Spearmint Butterscotch Tobacco Ice Tobacco 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5%... ..


Original Tobacco

Original Tobacco - Rich and Bold Tobacco Flavor 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight... ..


Butterscotch Tobacco

Butterscotch Tobacco - Smooth Tobacco Blend with Butterscotch 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight Crafted... ..


PHIX Basic Kit

PHIX by MLV BASIC KIT Flavors crafted by Brewell MFG - overcharge protection chip -... ..


Ice Tobacco

Ice Tobacco - Cooling Menthol Tobacco 1.5mL PHIX Pods 5% nic by weight Crafted by... ..


Infzn Cool Grape

Infzn Cool Grape (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Cool Grape - Cooling Grape Menthol INFZN brings you Cool... ..


PHIX USB Charger

USB Magnetic Charger for the PHIX ..


Brewell Tobacco Series - Original Blend

Original Blend Tobacco ..


Infzn Blue Raspberry

Infzn Blue Raspberry (PHIX COMPATIBLE) Cartridge Blue Raspberry – An amazing Blue Raspberry to tingle... ..


Brewell - Hard Strawberry Brew #22

Brewell - Hard Strawberry Brew #22

Grandma's Favorite Candy Just Became More Irresistible  Jelly Filled Strawberry Hard Candy ..

$24.99 $65.00

Brewell Tobacco Series - Butterscotch

Butterscotch Tobacco ..


Brewell - Jasmine Milk Tea Brew #88

Slowed Brewed Jasmine Tea Topped W/ Whole Milk - Shaken, Not Stirred Jasmine Milk Tea... ..


MYLK - Caramel Almond

MYLK - Caramel Almond

Everyone's All Time Favorite MYLK Just Got Nuttier! Caramel Drizzle, Almond Creme ..

$24.99 $49.99